Why is Disability Insurance Very Important

Why is Having an Income When You Are Disabled Important to You?

Important Facts to Consider & Sobering Statistics

why-disability-insurance-importantThe most valuable asset you own is not your house, car, stocks/bonds, or savings account but YOU and YOUR ability to earn an income for yourself and your family month after month and year after year.

In Canada, sadly over 3.6 million people have disabilities while in Ontario approximately 1.5 million people have disabilities. The disability rate increases with age and is expected to increase with the aging population. (Statistics Canada)

Many people purchase their own disability insurance policies on the open market. People make this choice for a number of different reasons, primarily to protect their income. Individuals who rely on disability insurance coverage provided by an employer take considerable risk because when their employment ceases, often so does their disability insurance coverage. If you have WSIB it is on the job coverage only.

Where an employer is paying for part of your benefits or WSIB is involved, many Canadians have reported incidences where:
  1. They have been pressured to return to work even when they felt that they weren't ready.
  2. Had a doctor other than their personal physician, rather, a physician hired by the insurance company making the final determination as to when they should return to work.
  3. Were pressured to participate in employer sponsored programs.
  4. When returning to work was given a completely different job.
  5. Saw their benefits decline over time and more…

As a self-employed Canadian you may acquire your own disability program and other custom-tailored benefit programs from a Landmark Canada professional, where you will receive a number of unique benefits, including:

24 hours a day

Every day of the year

 On or Off the Job

Everywhere in North America

Lifetime Benefits