Safe Driver Plan

Safe Driver Plan

So many people are afraid of so many things, but when it comes to driving, no problem! The repetition of driving relaxes us and we are all guilty of letting our guard down.

Do you ever notice how some people tend to drive over the speed limit, roll through stop signs, follow too closely, or partake in driving distractions such as texting? Ever notice how you do it too?

Driving statistics aren't meant to scare you but most of us tend to get very complacent about our driving and we forget just how dangerous driving can be. We all become very comfortable over the years driving, but with so many people partaking in different forms of distracted driving, drunk driving and other forms of dangerous driving behavior, we all need a wakeup call every now and then.

While fatal driving statistics have continued to improve over the decades, driving our vehicles remains the single most dangerous activity we perform during the day. Since most people have been in a motor vehicle nearly every day of their life, driving or even riding as a passenger becomes incredibly routine to us. It's almost silly that so many people are scared to fly, even though driving remains the number one cause of death in most age groups.

As a motorist you can expect to be involved in an accident once every 10 years and two out of three motorists will be involved in an injury accident during their life. Even if you're the best driver in the world, you can't control other people’s driving. There is a 1 in 20 chance that the crash you have will involve a serious injury. (Transport Canada)

The Safe Driver Plan we offer is designed to protect you from total disability anytime you’re injured in an accident while driving or riding within the passenger compartment of an Automobile, Truck or Bus anywhere in North America. Benefits are also provided for Hospitalization, Loss of Life and Total Permanent Disability.

Total Disability Income
Max 6 months
Hospital Income
Max 2 months
Accidental Death
Lump Sum
Permanent Disability Maximum
24 hours a day
Every day of the year
 On or Off the Job
Everywhere in North America
Lifetime Benefits