Protect Your Self-Employed Income

Protect Your Self-Employed Income


If you are self-employed, you realize that you are not eligible to receive the same type of benefits like a person working in industry. Because of this, when you have a disability and you cannot work, your income can cutback or stop completely. You are unlikely to receive any Provincial or Federal aid of any kind.

This isn't safe for you and your family and it isn't fair. Many self-employed have wondered if something could be done about this problem, because you have a lot of money tied up in your business and you could possibly lose everything if you could not work.

Finally something has been done about this problem for you. A plan for self-employed people has been formed and is being made available to certain qualified, self-employed people at this time.


The programs we offer have protected the incomes of thousands of self-employed Canadian men and women. They can do the same for you.

Although incomes have increased over the years, many self-employed Canadians are living on the edge and any stoppage in their income flow can devastate them and their families.

Perhaps you are currently earning a good living and your family is secure. But, what would happen if suddenly you were injured or sick and your income cuts down or stops completely? How would you continue the regular payments on your home, auto and family expenses? Would your family continue to be financially secure? These are questions that self-employed people must ask themselves.



We have the answers. We recognize that an injury or health crisis can happen at any time. We offer personal compensation plans that will provide you with money to help with these continuing expenses. Your family can continue to live their normal lives. They can retain their feeling of security. Our government licensed sales professionals are all trained to assist you in determining the ideal coverage to suit your needs. They are able to show you an exceptional portfolio of insurance products designed specifically for the middle to high risk self-employed (or key employees) that provide comprehensive protection for all who qualify.


We provide financial security by specializing in simplified personal disability insurance and financial solutions that fit the unique needs of Canada’s self-employed, skilled tradespeople and other individuals who do not have easy access to traditional insurance and financial products.

We can offer customized products that will protect your income:

24 hours a day

Every day of the year

 On or Off the Job

Everywhere in North America

Lifetime Benefits